Kitchen Remodeling Marietta With Italian Tile and Custom Cabinets

Kitchen Remodeling Marietta With Italian Tile and Custom Cabinets

An elegant job of  kitchen remodeling Marietta can begin with an Italian handmade tile backsplash, as featured in this picture. The tile backsplash  accents the custom cabinets that have been painted and glazed to give them that old world warmth that this kitchen design deserves.

Kitchen Remodeling Marietta Adds Warmth and Beauty

Keeping with the old world feel, the lighting on top of the cabinets as well as underneath provide just the right amount of light for cooking to entertaining. The under-cabinet lighting shining down on the soapstone countertops with all stainless steel appliances.

A beautiful white marble countertop sitting on top of a darker painted and glazed custom island with seating. These dimmable lighting fixtures can transform the mood from busy everyday fast pace chaos to a calm and relaxing ambiance that embraces a romantic diner for two with a flick of the switch. When doing kitchen remodeling Marietta your new dinning space will have you enjoying your culinary cuisine on a beautifully hand crafted custom maple dining table.

Kitchen remodeling Marietta with custom cabinets

Kitchen remodeling Marietta with an Italian handmade tile backsplash.

The under the sink water purifier gives you pure water to make sure you and your family has the coolest purest water available without any unsightly appliances on top of the counter. The lighting in the hutch gives just the right lighting for your fine China. A newly refinished 2 inch hardwood oak floor is added to add warmth to the kitchen and complete the project.

Tucked in the cabinet above the stove is a new hood vent with lighting, this is designed to remove all smoke and gases safely from your home while your cooking. The walls are painted in agreeable shades and warm tones that pull the entire project together in this beautiful custom kitchen.

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