Kitchen Remodeling In Marietta

Kitchen Remodeling In Marietta

The best place to start kitchen remodeling in Marietta is with a design idea. We will be giving you some information in this article to help you with types of kitchens as well as an online tool that will make design ideas come to life.

Are you ready? If so, we are here to help you design and remodel your current kitchen into the beautiful new dream kitchen you have always wanted.  The best way to begin is to break down the overall project into bite size portions which makes it easier to plan. The old joke of “How do you eat an elephant? – One bite at a time.” certainly applies to remodeling your kitchen.

So let’s start with what kind of kitchen do you want to end up with? There are four basic kitchen styles to consider when doing kitchen remodeling in Marietta or anywhere in North Metro Atlanta. Once you’ve decided on which one suits you best, then you’re ready to go on to the next step.

The Four Basic Types Of Kitchen Designs

  • Galley Kitchen: The galley kitchen is designed as a long thin kitchen. The cabinets and appliances are lined up along the two side walls.
  • Island Style Kitchen: The island style features a free standing island in the middle of the kitchen. The island can either be cabinets or appliances or a combination of both. Another use of this space can be an eating area with cabinets underneath. There are many ways to design your island since your kitchen is centered around the island.
  • U-Shaped Kitchen Layout: The U shaped kitchen, which as its name suggests is built with cabinets along three walls in a U shape while the fourth ‘side’ is open to another room or area.
  • L-Shaped Kitchen: The traditional style of the L shaped kitchen is the last of the four basic kitchen styles. As the name suggests, it’s in a ‘“L” shape with cabinets along 2 walls and the rest of the room open.

Here’s A Great Tool For Kitchen Remodeling In Marietta

Kitchen Remodeling In Marietta Tool

Use This Tool For Your Kitchen Remodeling

Would you like to take your kitchen ideas and see how they really look? Well here is a great way to have your kitchen remodeling project designed before your very eyes. Go to’s designer tool, here’s the link: to start designing your dream kitchen.

Now, all you have left to do is choose your new appliances; the brands, finishes, and styles. You may want stainless steel appliances and a cherry wood cabinet. Or you may prefer a different appliance finish and style of wood altogether. The important thing is that you choose the right combination for your dream kitchen.

We will take it from there. At Rosewood Remodeling we understand our role is to help make your dream kitchen a reality when it comes to kitchen remodeling in Marietta and North Metro Atlanta. We will guide you through every step of the remodeling project or if you prefer take your plans and have our expert remodelers build and install your dream kitchen.

Call us today at 678-458-8174 or use our online form in the right sidebar for a free estimate on your kitchen remodeling project. We’re here to help you from planning to completion and every step of the way with your custom kitchen remodeling in Marietta.

The Truth About Bathroom Remodeling Marietta

The Truth About Bathroom Remodeling Marietta

The Truth About bathroom remodeling Marietta is that it is one of the best ways to enjoy your home more and give your house more appeal and value when it comes time to sell. And an added benefit is that it can help your home sell quicker too!

Most homes have more than one bathroom. And while most people do not think about the impact that their home’s bathrooms could have on the every day happiness or overall value of their house, the truth is your bathrooms are actually among the most important spaces in your home. Remember, they are “the place” for bathing, getting ready, and keeping up with one’s personal hygiene throughout the day. So for those who are tired of dealing with an outdated bathroom, now might be a good time to look into remodeling.

Considerations When Doing Bathroom Remodeling Marietta

Custom Bathroom Remodeling Marietta

Custom Bathroom Remodeling Marietta

 There are some specific considerations that you should consider when undergoing a bathroom remodel. For example, what will the new color scheme of your bathroom be? If it’s the master bath, make sure it ties in with the master bedroom. What style of new bathroom appliances such as cabinets, sinks, tubs, and toilets would you like installed? For example, what color will they be and what kind of finish will they have? These are all important factors to consider.

Most home owners appreciate some level of assistance when it comes to redesigning their bathrooms. Remember the process can be quite time consuming and entail a lot of work from planning to shopping to the actual bathroom remodel. Fortunately, we are here to help. We have years of experience and plenty of resources that can be of assistance to home owners who are looking to redesign and remodel their bathroom.

Most importantly when doing bathroom remodeling Marietta is choosing an experienced, licensed and friendly bathroom remodeler to take on the physical work of doing the renovations is important. Fortunately, home owners can get all of the help that they need with home kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects by simply relying on Rosewood Renovations for all of their needs along the way. This way, you can get the quality work you want at a price that you budgeted for.

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Kitchen Remodeling Marietta With Italian Tile and Custom Cabinets

Kitchen Remodeling Marietta With Italian Tile and Custom Cabinets

An elegant job of  kitchen remodeling Marietta can begin with an Italian handmade tile backsplash, as featured in this picture. The tile backsplash  accents the custom cabinets that have been painted and glazed to give them that old world warmth that this kitchen design deserves.

Kitchen Remodeling Marietta Adds Warmth and Beauty

Keeping with the old world feel, the lighting on top of the cabinets as well as underneath provide just the right amount of light for cooking to entertaining. The under-cabinet lighting shining down on the soapstone countertops with all stainless steel appliances.

A beautiful white marble countertop sitting on top of a darker painted and glazed custom island with seating. These dimmable lighting fixtures can transform the mood from busy everyday fast pace chaos to a calm and relaxing ambiance that embraces a romantic diner for two with a flick of the switch. When doing kitchen remodeling Marietta your new dinning space will have you enjoying your culinary cuisine on a beautifully hand crafted custom maple dining table.

Kitchen remodeling Marietta with custom cabinets

Kitchen remodeling Marietta with an Italian handmade tile backsplash.

The under the sink water purifier gives you pure water to make sure you and your family has the coolest purest water available without any unsightly appliances on top of the counter. The lighting in the hutch gives just the right lighting for your fine China. A newly refinished 2 inch hardwood oak floor is added to add warmth to the kitchen and complete the project.

Tucked in the cabinet above the stove is a new hood vent with lighting, this is designed to remove all smoke and gases safely from your home while your cooking. The walls are painted in agreeable shades and warm tones that pull the entire project together in this beautiful custom kitchen.

Contact us today by phone at 678-458-8174 or use the online form to the right to let us assist you in discussing your design ideas and the vision you have to experience the cooking and dinning area of your dreams with our custom kitchen remodeling Marietta.